The True meaning of Christmas

My very first blog post, this is so exciting! One thing I get asked a lot is what will I be doing this christmas? I think to myself, what am I supposed to be doing? Eating, having fun with friends and family or buying gifts? The list goes on and on. I realised that christmas is not only about receiving gifts but also about giving back. It should not only be during the month of December  but rather 365 days a year. Having just started my masters degree in October, I realised I wanted to do more than just studying and going to classes. It came to my attention, that volunteering through various charities and organisations is a very good idea.

I began my adventure by looking for various volunteering opportunities, which took about a month. Before securing a volunteering opportunity at an Oxfam shop, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a conference. It was eye-opening to see other people volunteering for the 3 day conference, despite being postgraduate students who had numerous essay deadlines. I realised that I was actually interested and did not mind giving 4 hours a week to a charity organization. My first shift at the Oxfam shop was amazing as i got to meet other new volunteers and learn about the way in which a charity shop works. It has been 1 and a half months later and I can truly say that giving 4 hours of my time every week has been worth it. I’ve got friends who tell me “Oh you’re doing so much, how do you have time for that?”. I simply reply “I make time”.

I’m sure you’re thinking, what does this have to do with christmas? Well, from my experience the season of christmas should be an everyday thing. Volunteering is an amazing way to truly help others whether it’s a charity organisation or simply a short-term volunteering opportunity anywhere. Just remember, your work will not go unnoticed. Sometimes as a student, we think “Oh whats the best way to get money?”. However, what we should be thinking about is “How can i help others?”. It is also important to recognise that there are a lot of things to be grateful for.


Giving back or volunteering in some way is like the sun shining bright, no matter how big or small your contribution, you will be touching the lives of others. Remember, the sun should keep on shining not only during christmas, but throughout the year.


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