How to be healthy in 2018

It’s only 2 days left till christmas and 8 days left till 2018. So exciting right? We all have goals to be healthy in the coming year and by the time January is over, we give up. I have realised that starting a healthy diet requires discipline and baby steps. I’m a baby vegetarian – new to the vegetarian diet. I started cutting out meat slowing and now most of my diet involves plant-based foods. It is true that you can’t become healthy overnight but takes discipline and practice. I’ve tried to be vegan, it worked for a while but i just couldn’t. I realised that i can’t jump from meat eater to veganism. There are baby steps to each level.

Here are a few healthy substitutions:

  • Instead of white rice switch to brown rice (more fiber, whole grain)
  • Instead of white bread try whole-wheat/gluten-free bread (more fiber)
  • Instead of sugar (whether white or brown) try honey/maple syrup
  • Instead of couscous try quinoa (more fiber, source of protein)
  • Instead of regular milk try almond, rice or coconut milk

Here are a few of my recipes:


Quinoa with mixed veggies, roasted sweet potato and lettuce with vegan mayo


Gluten free vegan pancakes with peanut butter


Quinoa with mushrooms, spinach and kidney beans


Quinoa with mixed bell peppers and an egg


Gluten free bread with peanut butter and banana

These are all simple recipes. No, I am not a chef. It is easy to switch to healthy eating without compromising taste or nutrition, what matters is making the decision to do so. With that in mind, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance!!

If you have any questions on the recipes, feel free to comment below!



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