This past weekend I had the opportunity to participate in a training event for ONE leaders. The ONE campaign is a non-profit campaigning and advocacy organisation tackling the issues of extreme poverty and diseases in Africa.  This January, ONE launched an exciting volunteer programme called “ONE leaders”. The ONE leaders programme entails building relationships with powerful politicians,  raising awareness of activism through local media and hosting campaign events. I am extremely excited and proud to have been selected as a ONE leader. The world is extremely divided and driven by self-interested individuals who are keen on accumulating wealth. I came up with #WeareONE because irrespective of where we come from or which country you live in, we all should have the opportunity to achieve what we want in life.

There are several things which I learned from this training event. Firstly, often coined as a country, Africa is a continent full of natural resources and has the potential to tackle issues such as poverty, inequality and conflict. Yet, internal issues of corruption and lack of transparency and accountability results in the growing ignorance of development problems. Secondly, we have heard the notion that “Africa should solve its own problems”, however how can this happen if the issues in African countries are created by external and historical factors? Foreign aid might not be the long-term solution, however some aid is better than no aid at all. Thirdly, we all should play a role in making a difference no matter how small we think it might be. Just because you are better off does not mean that issues in the world will be solved automatically. #WeareONE voice


To all the ONE leaders out there, remember our work will not go unnoticed! #WeareONE

IMG_0460 The One Campaign https://www.one.org/international/


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