Am I anti-social?

Person 1: Do you have Facebook?

Me: No. I don’t do fakeness.

Person 1: Twitter?

Me: No.

Person 1: Instagram?

Me: No

Person 1: Then what do you have?

Me: People’s ACTUAL phone numbers!!

Have any of you ever had any of these conversations before? I know I have. I don’t consider my self anti-social, rather I just don’t fancy certain social media platforms. Different people have different reasons why they use social media – to keep in touch (which never happens, more like stalking) and to see what others are up to. My experience with each of these social media platforms have been horrid to say the least. With Facebook, I realised that the majority of your “Friends” are not actual friends, more like “contacts”. These are people you meet and automatically use facebook as a platform to connect. Ever had one of your “friends” forget your actual birthday? Only for them to say “Facebook did not remind them”. Its situations like this where I miss the old fashion yahoo and Hotmail messenger to have conversations with people. Its easy, fast and convenient. Well I guess Whatsapp has replaced these. If people pretend to be who they aren’t, then there is a problem somewhere.pexels-photo-267350.jpeg

With Twitter, I don’t really see the point of it. It’s a great platform to speak about different issues and topics. Last but not least, Instagram- I was one of the very few who had Instagram before Instagram stories was born. Great platform to share pictures, but even a greater platform to stalk people. I might sound negative to people out there who use these platforms, this is just my personal view and opinion. It is not about keeping up with other people’s lives, but rather having a more meaningful and ACTUAL relationship with these “Friends”.

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2 thoughts on “Am I anti-social?

  1. Hahahha, so apt. But over here social media is a cheaper means of having a conversation, although its not all the time there’s always something to talk about I think this when it becomes a means of stalking.


    1. I get sometimes there’s nothing to talk about, but its better to have a real conversation with someone than to continously convince ourselves that since we have nothing to talk about its okay for me to stalk!


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