3 Things I learned from the Kanye West/CTG Interview


Yes I Know! You’re going to talk about Kanye West?

Why not?

I was quite hesitant to watch the interview, but I said there’s no harm in watching 5 minutes of it. The 5 minutes turned into 1 hour and 45 minutes (which I  watched over 3 days). The more I watched it, the more I understood the mindset and reasoning of Kanye West. Although, I did not agree with everything he said (and still says). This interview has become an eye-opening experience helping me to understand how we as human beings think and the way we live life. These are the three things I learned from the Kanye West/CTG Interview:

1. Expressing Yourself

“People are speaking the truth, having the innate feeling to express”- Kanye West

Yes! It is important to express yourself in certain situations, not all. I have learned that expressing my feelings during a certain situation is completely natural. I always say to people that when you have nothing to hide or neither are at fault, there is no point in keeping quiet. I’m not saying to go tell the WHOLE world, but speak your truth when needed. Why hide or lie about something that is petty? If I don’t like your behaviour or attitude, then I don’t like you; however I will not be fake and pretend I do. Let’s be honest, Let’s speak our truth!

2. Apologies

“Nobody owes me anything, but I’m still going to feel what I feel”- Kanye West

This statement had me shook! Sometimes we feel like people owe us an apology (not an “I’m sorry if” statement), which is only natural. There are other times where an apology will not change what has happened or what you’ve done. Despite not seeking an approval apology, our feelings will always be our feelings. One cannot change how you feel at that very given moment in time. Sometimes it is not about an apology, but rather that one values a relationship more than an ego. You can’t apologise for something and continue to do the opposite, that ain’t right! That’s narcissistic behaviour!


“It’s time for the uncoventional”- Kanye West

I learned that Kanye has become very business oriented. It’s fascinating to note that WE Gemini’s always think ahead. It’s not just about being an artist. It’s about building a future, where our creative ideas shape the universe. It is not about who came up with what idea, but rather getting our ideas out there. Do you see yourself as a business-oriented person? Find your passion and capitalise on it!


I definitely learned a lot about the human mind during this interview. We may not agree with everything Kanye West says or does, but he does make some basic points! Express yourself while you can and endeavour to be GREAT in everything or anything you do!



This is not a sponsored post. The opinions expressed in this post are those of the author.

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