Nonsensical Excuses

Wait! What does that mean?

Well it’s simple! Nonsensical Excuses are excuses which are full of nonsense, they don’t make no sense!

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Nonsensical excuses I’ve heard in my lifetime:

“I thought I apologised”

“Well we never really talked about it”

“That is just the way they are”

“The Whatsapp Call does not really work for me, not sure whether it’s the phone or the reception…”

“Well, I don’t really like to chat, I only go on Whatsapp for information…..”

“Well, you call at the wrong time”

“I do not remember saying that”

“I’m sorry it happens that way… unintentional”

“I forgot I had previous plans”

“I’m not really a Whatsapp person”

To those who say they are jeje (gentle/kind) people, who don’t like to chat. If you think you are the only one in the universe who is anti-social, well think again.

To those who ignore people’s meassages and say I don’t really like to chat. Well delete the Whatsapp app, your presence will not be missed/noticed.

To those who MAGICALLY forget things, It is well. We will continue to pray for you.

To those who blame their excuses on other people’s inactions, you can only blame yourself for your actions, no one else is responsible (not even the devil).

To those who blatantly ignore other people’s efforts to keep in touch, don’t worry the day they stop caring about you is the day you will call me and say “I’ve been kind and people are treating me this way”. I will only respond and say “Oh really?!”

To those who say people don’t ask me whats going on with me, well if you had bothered to CARE enough to keep in touch with them. Then maybe they would have CARED enough to ask.

To those who say people have called me names, well I wonder what names they could have called you….

To those who say they have not changed, well if people are calling me and complaining about your behaviour. Then there is something wrong somewhere….

To those who maintain a holy apperance, the truth of the matter is that it is YOUR behaviour that will REVEAL your true character- Dr Steve Maraboli

To those who think nonsensical excuses do not exist, well the truth is that they do. The question is “Are you stupid enough to believe them?”

Hahaha! If you think I am talking about you, well #I’mNotSorry


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