Movie Review: Acrimony


If you haven’t watched the movie “Acrimony”… Please flee from this page! Come back when you have done so!

The definition of Acrimony: bitterness, anger, resentment, bad blood, malice, spleen, ill feeling, ill will.

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She worked 2 jobs for 18 years to pay the bills, he sat at home working on his “invention”…

She helped pay for his last two semesters in college, he manipulated her into paying for it…

She provided when she could – even putting the house her mom left her and her siblings up for mortgage, he kept on coming up with excuses saying he would “try” to get a job…

She couldn’t have kids due to an accident where she caught him cheating…

After giving up and divorcing him, He finally sold his invention…

He gave her $10 million, bought her the house back and was living the life…

He married the lady he cheated on his ex-wife with and gave her everything he had promised his ex-wife – the car, penthouse, the yacht, the ring….

Yet, these are three things I observed from the movie:

  1. She stood by you, supported you and encouraged you; yet you think that a couple million dollars and a car could make up for the past 18 years. It makes me wonder, are women human beings or just objects?
  2. Her anger, pain and bitterness did not allow her to let him go. But, didn’t she have the right to be angry or bitter?
  3. “Sometimes men don’t have a why, they just got a bunch of lies”- It is interesting to note that despite everything she had done for him, he could not even put his ego aside and fight for their marriage. Everything that he promised her, he gave to another woman. The woman who did not sow anything in the past 18 years, but reaped everything afterwards.

Lesson learnt: Is there an actual lesson or is it just a common sense scenario? She did everything for him, whilst he made promises he did not eventually fulfill. Sometimes it’s not about the money or any other materialistic asset, it’s about differentiating between what is right vs. what is wrong.

What is right was Melinda saying enough is enough, she can’t continue to allow him to be a burden to her. What is wrong was allowing her inner anger and bitterness regarding the issue to get to her. The truth is, who do we really blame Melinda (for being so naive and stupid) or Robert (refusing to work and provide for his family)? Sometimes, men are just selfish! (in the context of the movie but also in reality).


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