The Yeezy Effect

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Once again, Kanye West’s meeting with Donald Trump, gave us an insight into the thoughts of ‘Ye’…

“If people don’t have lands, they settle for brands”- Kanye West

Here are a couple of things I found ‘interesting’ during this meeting:

  1. Ye talks about male energy- The ‘superman’ cape is what drew Kanye, to successful male individuals such as Donald trump, Ralph Lauren and American industries  who are non political. He describes his success with Adidas as the Yeezy effect  (with Adidas being a 14 billion dollars company in 2015 and losing  $2 billion dollars annually to transforming into a $38 billion market cap). Is the Yeezy effect responsible for Adidas turn of fortune?
  2. Ye talks about Bi-polar disorder -Ye noted that he was actually misdiagnosed ; instead of bipolar disorder, he was sleep deprived which could result in dementia in the future. What is he doing about mental health?
  3. Ye talks about empowerment Empowering the pharmaceuticals, and other industries to make more money.
  4. Ye focuses on positive, lovely words rather than negativity
  5. Ye and the “iplane 1”- I call it the “iplane 1”.. I found this very funny but not impossible…

My opinion: There are three things I continue to learn about Ye; innovation, creativity and business minded. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion or belief. For those who condemned the meeting and instead mentioned that it was a disaster; just note that the whole world either tuned in or read about the meeting.  Kanye West is Kanye West, whether you like him or not, he did have some basic points and expressed himself clearly. We need to think outside the box.



This is not a sponsored post. The opinions expressed in this post are those of the author.

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