DAY 2 Favourite Youtubers of 2018 – #BLOGMAS

In the spirit of #blogmas & #vlogmas, I have decided to include a blog post about Youtubers…

It has become a tradition for me to watch random videos (not always) about Youtubers who work so hard to put up content consistently. I really do appreciate all their hard work. I honestly thought that Youtube was only for watching music videos. Instead, I was invited into a world of content creators. I stumbled upon plant based videos, prank videos, lifestyle and beauty videos. Not only did I enjoy watching those videos, but I also began to learn of what  content creators go through just to put up a video. Most of the time it isn’t really about the views, but rather about the content of those videos.  Most of these Youtubers that will be mentioned, not only create content but also give back to the community in one way or another.

My Favourite Youtubers of 2018

  • The ACE Family- A family of four that continues to invite us into their lives by creating content that keeps people coming back for more. Such a beautiful family!
  • Jess and Gabriel – A young christian couple who make the loveliest videos! They are young but also hardworking!
  • Ehis – A Naija-British young stundent, gracing the youtube world with his humour.
  • Ellen Fisher- Plant Based vegan mom of 3; with delicious plant based recipes for all to enjoy.
  • Misha Grimes- Beauty, lifestyle & Fashion Vlogs.. you name it!

Who are your favourite Youtubers of 2018?…. 


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