DAY 3 – Naughty or Nice – #BLOGMAS

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Are you naughty or nice?

I have always been sceptical about the meaning of this naughty or nice “Santa” list. The christmas movies and TV shows that claim “Santa” wouldn’t bring you gifts if you’re naughty is a great way to teach kids the essence of being kind. But how about adults?

One thing I have learned is that it does not take much to actually show kindness, whether be it texting a friend to see how they are doing, volunteering somewhere or simply cooking up a meal for the people around you. It does not cost anything. When people start to make up excuses of why they can’t text or why they can’t see you, I take it as a sign that they have issues and there is nothing wrong with me. I see it as an opportunity to stay in my lane and to continue doing what I’m doing. There is no point in making up excuses for someone else’s behaviour, when it is quite clear that you are not the problem.

How do you continue to show kindness irrespective of “certain” people’s behaviour?

Smile, nod and keep your head high! Being nice should not only be during the christmas period but should be an everyday affair!

Have you been naughty or nice this year?


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