DAY 4 Goals for December – #BLOGMAS

It’s Day 4 of #Blogmas and I’m already running our of ideas…

Anyways, it is that time of the year, where we start making goals before the year ends.

I’m personally not a fan of goal setting. Personally, we all say we want to do this by this date and at the end of the day we forget. I remember speaking to a friend about starting my blog. I had done my research and spoken to her about it. As we discussed the possibility of starting a blog, she said ” so when are you going to start?” and I said “next week”.  At the end of the phone call, I realized that the process to start a blog is not long. So, I decided one evening to sit down and think of a blog name, once that was figured out. Then, the process began. Within 2 hours I sat down and wrote my first blog post.

There are several things I learned from this process:

  • If we do not take action, none of our goals will be achieved. If I did not decide to start my blog, I would have been procastinating ever since.
  • Blaming circumstances or situations will not help in reaching your goal. If you want to start a business, firstly you would have to do your research. Once the research and all logistically issues have been solved, one can then start thinking of the next process.
  • Speaking about your goal- will not work either. You can speak about your goal for years to come, without anything being done.

What are your goals for December? & How do you deal with goal setting?


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Ola! I'm Temilola. I love all things travel and culture related.

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