DAY 5 The Year of #Challenges (2018) – #BLOGMAS

#InMyFeelings Challenge #DotheShiggy #LevelUpChallenge #RayJHatChallenge #FreakMe Challenge #KupeChallenge

2018 has been the year of all sorts of weird but entertaining challenges….

I have decided to keep this blog post short. Hence, here are my favourite #challenges of 2018

  • Level Up – Ciara #LevelUp 
  • In my Feelings- Drake #InMyFeelings (Whoever KiKi is, the whole world is asking if  she loves them)
  • Kupe – A-Star #KupeChallenge
  • #RayJHat Challenge- Ray J’s  changing hat positions gained fame from a Love and Hip-Hop episode.
  • #AppleStore Challenge

What were your favourite #challenges of 2018?


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Ola! I'm Temilola. I love all things travel and culture related.

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