My 2nd #VisitDubai Experience

Its 2019…

I’m super excited as it been a year since I started my blog. I will admit that I have not been consistent with putting content out for several reasons. However, I have decided to change things.

I recently completed a 2nd trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). When I travel to a place in which I have visited more than once, I don’t consider my self a tourist nor do I need to take pictures as if I’ve never been there. This trip was not really a vacation.

city at waterfront
Photo by Pavlo Luchkovski on

Coming from a developing country, what I saw in Dubai were the paved roads, the Rolls Royce, and the shopping malls. I started to think of why can’t we have such development. Dubai’s history is extremely rich and is often cited as the “greatest city in the world”. It’s rapid development should be an example and testament that “development” is possible and achievable.

What is needed is “commitment”.

  • The commitment of leaders and individuals to want a better life for citizens.
  • The commitment to show that Africa will not be left behind.
  • The commitment that anything is possible.
  • The commitment that Africa can and will develop.

What commitment are you making?


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Ola! I'm Temilola. I love all things travel and culture related.

3 thoughts on “My 2nd #VisitDubai Experience

  1. I’m commited to engage with more strangers. (Such as you.) Because this is very far off my comfort zone. I have to start taking action.
    P.S I followed your link under Gary Ve’s post 🙂


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