The Politics of Social Media

Ever wondered why young people are using social media as career?

After doing some research on my own, I realised that social media (whether it is instagram, twitter, snapchat or YouTube) has grown into careers for many young people. We often judge people when they say “I’m an instagram model” or those that make a living off of YouTube. To be honest, with the way the job market is, you could have a PhD and still be unemployed and in most cases still be overqualified.

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A lot of YouTube stars, often started their channels either out of boredom or  were inspired by others to start a channel. Most of the time it’s not about making a living off of Youtube, but to continually put out content for people to enjoy. Some individuals have quit college, only to become successful entrepreneurs.

So what?

My point is whether you are educated or not? Whether you are graduate or unemployed? Whatever path you choose to follow whether it be a YouTube Channel, a blog, a business or a website- I understand the struggle and hustle, that we as young people are using social media in positive light. Social media can be complex, but as I’ve seen it, it can also be a blessing.



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