Chatting is NOT a hobby

Communication is a constant issue faced by many. I thought it would be interesting to bring up a few points:

  1. Chatting is NOT a hobby. When someone asks you what your interests are do you say “I like to swim and chat?” We live in a day and age where it’s easier to communicate via social media. To those that say they don’t like to “chat”/ “claim to be bad at communication”… It is well!
  2. Communication is the foundation of everything we do!
  3. To those that say “long-distance situationship” is the ultimate barrier to maintaining a friendship… It is well!
  4. To those that feel I’m talking to them directly… It is well!

This might sound harsh, but I’m just tired of people coming up with communication excuses. I’m not saying everyone is perfect, all I’m saying is TRY harder!

What are your thoughts?


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Ola! I'm Temilola. I love all things travel and culture related.

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