Dear Employers

Dear Employers,

As a young graduate looking for an “entry level” job, it has become quite difficult to understand the complexity of job requirements made by employers. I have seen 5 years work experience being considered as an “entry level” job, which i find ridiculous. The job market has become saturated with a significant amount of young graduates looking for jobs/ internships. However, we are often told to “volunteer/intern for free, as long as you are gaining experience it is worth it”. I highly disagree.

We, as young graduates, are willing to gain work experience without getting paid to an extent. As an intern, the unpaid work experience should lead to a full-time entry level job within organisations.

We, as young graduates, are willing to continue to further our education due to the fact of not getting a job. However, this has led to many being perceived as “over-qualified” for an entry level job.

We, as young graduates, are not willing to be unemployed/ volunteer for free in the long-term. Social media platforms have paved the way for young unemployed graduates to seek nontraditional careers.

Dear employers, young graduates are the future of this generation and the complex nature of job requirements hinder our ability to show you that we are capable of working hard and learning.




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